And here is the fruit of all my labor in home education!!

Jennifer – isn’t this what all those Charlotte Mason Inspired Nature Walks were about anyway????

Adri’s first attempt at drawing just the vulture. I thought he was doing fairly well! It’s all Van Gogh to me of course, and I just tell them it’s wonderful and to keep drawing! But Adri wasn’t happy with this drawing at all and he started on a new sketch.

Here’s Adri’s attempt at drawing the vulture actually eating the oppossum. I withheld any giggling and just said, “Oh that’s very good!” And he said, “Oh whatever, this is too hard!” And he gladly left the window and returned to his LATIN LANGUAGE ASSIGNMENT! LOL!!


And here’s Ean’s nature notebook page!! This cracked me up! He is such a boy!!! So here’s the two vultures eating the oppossum. Complete with the red to signify the blood where the head was and the neck area and the yellow is the belly area which is where the vultures were eating!! EWWW….Gross. I know. There was a red car that drove by while the kids were “observing” and the lady in the car slowed down to look and she made a lot of funny faces….which Ean has noted in his drawing – the green face equals the lady being grossed out! There is a kid in the yard “barfing up” from the grossness, as Ean put it. And the square thing is a house with a window in which a child is peering out of – with a green face as well because they are grossed out too. There is another vulture sitting on top of this roof. Which is accurate – there were 3 vultures….2 in the street and one sitting on the roof of our neighbors house across the street from us!!

This just made me laugh so much. Ean is so funny!!

You know what other teacher observation I have drawn from this? Adri is the writer – between the two of them. Right now – Adri is the writer. He LOVES creative writing – but he’s never been an artist. Ean on the other hand has always been an artist … but he’s never been very good at narration or journaling. So I don’t know what kind of creative writer he will become. But I am thinking….I could take this picture that he’s drawn of the vultures and have him write me a 2 or 3 paragraph story about it! I should have Adri do the same! It would be an interesting evaluation wouldn’t it!