So…my children are weird. Maybe I should have called this the Walston Family WEIRDOS post.

Right now my two boys and my two girls are standing at the large window in our home schooling room that looks out onto our street. They have been completely drawn into nature in it’s finest moment. Or, as Adri just stated, “It’s the Buzzard’s Buffet!!”

And my sweet angelic Claire just said, “I want to go outside and see the (dead) opposum. I can’t see it because the birdy (buzzard who is eating it!!) is in the way!”

So naturally, I have given them permission to go outside and check it out. I figure they won’t be out there long. I better go with them to make sure fingers stay in pockets…

Be right back…

Ok…I will spare you the photos and videotape. They’re pretty gruesome. Claire was so funny though. Hannah too. Neither were grossed out. Perhaps we have a budding Veterinarian on our hands.

My kids are so weird. Considering how freaked out Adri behaved when I told him he had to gather the dead tree roach that was by the front door this morning – who would have thought he would have been the child that climbed the tree in the front yard so he could get a bird’s eye view of the “Buzzard’s Buffet” just a second ago.

Oh for crying out loud …. the kids have gathered their nature notebooks and are sitting at the window sketching the buzzards.

I’m going to fold some laundry.

All this because I wanted to open the mini-blinds so we could enjoy some natural light….

Oh my. This has been one heck of a morning so far!! Can’t we just shut the mini-blinds and go back to the handwriting lessons PLEASE????

On a pleasant note, the City has a crew that comes along and scrapes these sorts of messes up. Ahhh…city life.