Continuing with the Walston Family Nonsense posts….whereby if you’ve been following along you’ll be able to understand this next paragraph! LOL!

We are almost finished with our homework assignment that Ranger Tom gave us. When I get back from Michigan I will take them to another Mission and we will get them their Junior Ranger Badges! They will be so excited.

But, in anticipation of that event – we were able to get dressed up in Ranger Outfits at Mission San Jose when we visited there last week (or whenever…can’t remember the day now…has it been that long already??). I knew all my readers were just waiting on pins and needles to see even MORE silliness from the Missions trip – so I’ve held out on you. I think these are the best photos we took all day!!

Ean and Adri. In their future jobs!!

And here are the parents. Following in their childrens’ footsteps.

I’ve gained some weight huh? Like my sunglasses??

The one of the girls didn’t come out at all. You can’t see their faces…. sorry girls….