The Japanese Tea Gardens are an historic part of San Antonio. If you haven’t been – you should go visit. If you live in San Antonio and you’ve never been – well….SHAME ON YOU!!! About a year ago they closed the Gardens down so they could do a complete facelift. Thank goodness – it needed it! But we’ve missed being able to roam around the wonder that IS.

The park was reopened in June and we’ve all been wanting to go check it out! Here are some fun photos of the kids that Royce took while they were down there exploring. He took the kids on Saturday when I was in Austin at the book fair. I was a little bummed when I found out they went without me. Although I don’t know if I would have traded the side-splitting comedy act that was Andrew Pudewa’s discussion on the 4 Common Errors in Teaching Writing for a trip to The Japanese Tea Gardens while it was like…100+ degrees outside. So. I wasn’t THAT bummed….

Enjoy the photos!

Man. Doesn’t Ean just look THRILLED to be there!!!!

Here’s Ean keeping up appearances again!! You know, for someone who complains, non stop, about being bored….I sure can’t figure out what to do to get him to like….stop being bored!! Anyone else have this problem with 8yr old boys??? It’s driving me nuts!!!

Well. At least he’s consistent. On the whole though, I’m not quite sure what to make of this photo of the children. What IS Claire doing exactly?? And what IS Hannah looking at/like exactly? And what IS Ean thinking about exactly? And what plan does Adri have cooking up right now… exactly?

They all look mighty suspicious to me!!!

Monkey Boy.

I mean really….isn’t that what he looks like to you? I don’t know why but this photo reminds me of a monkey! Well – the Zoo is right next door to the Gardens, so maybe he was inspired and he didn’t know it!

WOW! A half a smile!!!! Isn’t he sooooo cute??!?!

I’m going to call this the CRAZY EYE Picture!! And I know that Ean is thinking, “Dude, I’m so done with this photo shoot. I thought we came to play!!!”

Rock Climbing at the Japanese Tea Gardens.

That’s my kids!!!

Honestly, you can only instill SO MUCH culture into them!! At the end of the day, they are still just children!

A beautiful view of the beautiful gardens. This place really is a treasure for the City. I really love to go here. Now that it’s all in full bloom again, I think the kids and I will go here to do some nature drawings just for fun one day when I get back from Michigan. What a neat place.

She is just getting too big. She’s 4 you know.

Tonight she was sent to her room for arguing with me. About 15 minutes later I went to check on her, thinking for sure she’d have fallen asleep. She wasn’t asleep, she was playing with her doll house. When she saw me she perked up and said, as sweetly and lovingly as possible, and I quote:

“Hi Mom. Are you ready to tell me you are sorry for yelling at me earlier?”

No. I’m not joking. And no, actually, at the time – I didn’t think it was funny! But now – I think it’s pretty hilarious!! She’s such a mess!

Ok that was totally random.

The End.

“Thank Goodness,” says Ean.