We went.

We saw.

We heard.

We bought.

We left.

However, for the record – Andrew Pudewa is HILARIOUS and I hope he comes to San Antonio soon. Seriously, if you get the chance to hear him speak, teach or talk – go. Do it. You will not regret it. He is NORMAL. And funny. Oh my gosh is he ever funny. He could totally be a comedian. I was almost in tears. Really so much fun. His seminar made the day!!!

Honestly, he didn’t teach anything that wasn’t common sense and that I haven’t heard Jennifer Epstein teach in her Charlotte Mason classes before. Really. After every point he made, I would poke Wendy in the arm and say, “I’ve heard this before! That’s what Jennifer taught! That’s totally a Charlotte Mason technique!!” But it was cool to see someone else package it up differently and hopefully some moms there learned something new.

It really was all just common sense. Which means – I thought it was absolutely perfect and I wish every parent used common sense as the means by which they pursued the education of their child.

Home schooled or not.

I didn’t listen to any other speakers.

Because I didn’t want to and neither did Wendy.

I’m sure they were all wonderful.

We had lunch at Central Market and then played around at Toy Joy after we were done at Cheact while we waited until 4pm so I could go see my manual therapist friend there in Austin about my foot problem. Toy Joy is an Austin MUST SEE/DO. I was glad I got to share that moment with Wendy. Her first Toy Joy experience. I hope it was …. JOYFUL!!!

And now it’s 9pm and I’ve had a long day and I’m going to bed. To watch junk TV and read a book and fall asleep fast I hope!

I plan to update my book blog tomorrow.