Yesterday, as you know, we went to Mission San Jose. We also went to Mission San Juan and Mission Acuacia. We roamed all over Mission San Jose – it is really beautiful! And Royce took some really cool architectural photos which I’ll showcase on the LensAngle site.

There are lots of doors and windows at Mission San Jose and they make the cutest photo set ups. Of course – this is totally against the rules – you aren’t supposed to sit on, sit in or stand on, stand in any of the structures. OOPS! These opportunities were just too cute to pass up! And then there were just some silly shots of us on the walkways – which is what the “Walking” part refers to. These “Nonsense” posts are getting a little too analytical I think.

Claire did NOT want to take this photo. She was very reluctant but she did go along with my insane idea to stick her in a cubby hole that I found carved into the side of a wall that was probably someone’s bedroom or kitchen or something. She puts up with a lot from us. But I just asked her if she liked the photo and she said, “No. I told you then, I didn’t want to take the picture.”

HAHAHAHAHA She’s so funny.

The family – through a window in the Convent. Hannah saw this photo and she said:

“Awww…the perfect family.”

Hee hee… she’s so right on!!!

Royce was standing on the other side of the room. I like this photo. It goes with that religion song I have on my blog somewhere…..that’s me in the spot light….losin’ my religion…. LOL. Sorry. Getting off topic…. But Wow – I could do some symbolism writing here with this photo…. maybe I’ll save that for my journal – the private one that no one reads. At least, for their benefit, I hope they don’t read it! LOL!

Claire was about to DIE FROM HUNGER. Granted we were overdue for lunch by like an hour, but it was just funny the way she was carrying on and on about how hungry she was! It worked out well though – because this was the last leg of our journey around Mission San Jose! After a few more pictures we would sit in the air conditioned van, burn up some gasoline, and make some turkey sandwiches!!

This is an old well there on the property. Adri was trying to kill us. He was unsuccessful. Ean was standing there – in total disappointment – because 1) there was no water in the well, 2) the well was full of sand, and 3) most importantly – people had dropped money….lots of money…into the well but it was still too far down for him to reach.

That’s my (opportunistic) boy!!

Hannah was annoyed with me for making her stand in the window.

Claire was just hungry.

But what could I do? I already had the blog post formed in my head – I had to maximize my opportunities!

When you can’t beat ’em….you join ’em!!

And Hannah thought I was funny!!! So my plan was a success!!

There was this really cool room that was used for defending the Mission. The little holes are where the Indians or Missionaries would have put their guns through to shoot to defend! At the top of the picture you can see a wooden floor which was the 2nd floor – and there are more windows up above – so they were heavily guarded against anyone seeking to destroy them!

And since there were FOUR windows and we have FOUR kids….what did you THINK we’d do? The kids complied with this “last photo, please? It’s for the blog – now get up there!! Yes, yes, ok you can do a crazy photo afterwards!!”

And don’t they all look so sweet and complian in the photo above?

Here they are acting all crazy. Hannah is being “evil Darth Vader.” Adri is defending everyone. Claire is watching Hannah. And Ean is just making a face. He looks wonderful don’t you think??

Ok here is Claire’s EVIL face. But I think she looks like she is saying, “Shhh….don’t tell anyone that our parents let us sit in the windows of a National Monument that has been Historically Preserved!!”

She does know more than us – everyone knows that.

And that concludes our trip to Mission San Jose!

While we were sitting in our car, eating our sandwiches and enjoying the very very cold A/C, I couldn’t help but notice the following signage. I thought it was very funny because from my vantage point – I can see a sidewalk that leads to a church (the mission) and a sign that says, “One Way…Do Not Enter.”

I started laughing and asked Royce – “Is God kicking people out now???” Or maybe we’ve found the pearly gates and the watchman is really saying: “There is only one way to God – and you are not allowed in!!!”

(Sadly…..some will actually hear God say this to them one day….but I digress and am getting too serious for this WFN post!!)

I was laughing – so hard – I thought it was so funny. But then, I’m a heretic so …. what’d you expect? Not only did I fulfill a certain priest’s prophecy when he told me and Royce he wouldn’t marry us in the Catholic Church because I would “lead a good Catholic boy astray” (true story) … but I’ve also turned my back on reformed christianity! And defected from The Village! Come on people – do you really think I take theology too seriously anymore???

I’ll blog about Mission San Juan and Mission Acuacia after dinner! It’ll be a short post with just 2 or 3 photos and you’ll laugh when you read why!!!

Stay tuned!!!!