Wow. We are up to Walston Family Nonsense Post #13!  I’m almost halfway there!!!!

Now – for those who don’t get the title, it’s a play on words! First, the “de la Walston” part is a family joke. My brother-in-law, Adrian, is Hispanic….and in an effort to make him feel more like the family, we just sort of added to our name to give it some Mexican-flair. Also we didn’t want anyone else named Walston to steal our cooler and we wanted to fit in with the other two people floating down the river that day with us who had labeled their cooler, “LOPEZ” – because that is a very uncommon name …. so I snatched that person’s Sharpie and wrote “de la Walston” on our cooler, and the joke has stuck. If I’m ever feeling a little too gringo around Adrian, I just bust out with a “de la Walston” phrase and it’s over – we’re in stitches. Of course, you gotta hear how we say it… anyway….

The “Mission” part is funny because that’s where we went today! To the San Antonio Missions! No – not the baseball game! We went to the actual MISSIONS. As in – the places that were built before people ever knew Texas existed. These places are older than your Grandma’s dentures! But they are really cool and if you ever get the chance to visit them, you ought to.

Royce already had plans to take the day off from work today to just hang out with us. Well…actually we were SUPPOSED to go to Fiesta Texas, but with my foot actin’ all crazy and out of control, I just didn’t see the point of spending that much money to be in that much pain and in this much heat! LOL! We opted, instead, to explore the national treasures that lie in the outer most parts of our city (excluding the Alamo, of course – which all of San Antonio revolves around. Well, that and the AT&T Spurs Center). We couldn’t avoid the heat. And, next to laying in bed all day, I can’t avoid walking – but we could avoid paying outrageous parking fees, admission fees, “sweating while you wait in line for the 30 second ride” experience and the $10.00 refillable soda cup. Yes, Fiesta Texas is all that (and oh so much more!)

Some of the local Missions are National Historical Parks. Mission San Jose is and that is where we started off. In San Antonio, we have a “Missions Trail” – I should do a whole post about this but I’ll spare you the history lesson. But here is an interesting fact: the Alamo, while very important to our national heritage, is not a National Historical Park. How weird is that.

Mission San Jose is so beautiful. We had a lot of fun exploring the place. I found a really cool doorway that I made everyone pose in. We have a lot of other really cute pictures of the kids in doorways and windows and that is going to be my next post called….creatively…Doors and Windows. It is really fun to have a photographer in the family – I always think we have the coolest family outing pictures when Royce is around. Between my creativity and his ability to operate a highly functioning camera that confuses the daylight out of me… we come up with some pretty cool stuff! 🙂

The formatting on this post is really annoying me. I really am getting irritated with WordPress because this one photo of Claire is just … doing whatever the heck it wants to. So I’m going to add some nonsense into this post so that there are extra words here which will force the photo to go down to the position I WANT IT TO STAY IN. Hopefully. If not. I’m going to bed and it will just have to stay weird looking. Because I don’t care enough to fight….. ah…. there it goes…..  goodnight!