I thought I’d get right on top of things today with the Walston Family Nonsense posts since I neglected them all weekend! So I hope you enjoy this early morning post. I need to go help Ean peel the eggs for the tuna salad now….I think he’s wondering why I’m “playing on the computer” while he’s stuck in the kitchen working!!  LOL!

Ean rolled out of bed this morning and said, “Oh man! I really hate it when you have a dream and you get money in your dream and then you wake up and think, ‘Darn it, that was only in my dream. I didn’t really get that money!'”

Here are some other really cute pictures of Ean!! He always makes us laugh and keeps this family in smiles!!

Claire said that Ean looked like a doggy in this photo!  HAHAHAHA

Here’s me and Ean playing around at Landa Park Pool with a water camera. In the next photo, we took a photo of ourselves underwater. See if you can find us! This was such a fun day and I plan to blog about it soon!

And lastly – Ean blowing bubbles – with gum – in my new car. Yeah. He wasn’t smiling too long after this photo was taken b/c he got in big trouble for this infraction!!!!  But, even still, I thought this photo was hilarious!

I love you Ean. You are so funny. And I, too, wish money from dreams was real.