I’ve always thought of my blog as a journal where I just talk to someone who listens without interruptions. That means I don’t really have to edit. And I don’t have to make sense. And I don’t have to really do anything proper. I can just ramble. ON and ON and ON and if you want to read it all – go for it. If you don’t…well…I won’t really know the difference will I?

But tonight I had to finish writing a “focused, well developed essay” as part of my application to the University Honors Program at Texas State. I kind of get the feeling that you just get in if you meet all the requirements – which I do – so, it shouldn’t be a big deal as far as being accepted into the Honors Program. It’ll just be a big deal staying IN the Honors Program. LOL! No, seriously. My GPA is high enough. I have enough transfer hours, etc. So – anyway I just finished writing the first draft of the essay which is a very very scaled down version of something I’ve blogged about before. What’s funny – or alarming depending on your point of view – is that when I went back to “rework the original article” I found that I totally hated it and I scrapped the entire thing and just started over.

Not without some help though. Many thanks to Jennifer for listening to me ramble through answers to her question of, “So what’s your main point?”!!

The main point was really … oh good grief… I don’t even remember. But the article in general was about this lovely couple:

Don’t they look chummy? They were really something. That’s Simone de Beauvior (the mother of feminism) and Jean-Paul Sartre (her male chauvenist pig). They were such a lovely couple, no?

I like her hair. I think I’m going to try to wear mine like that. I think it’s long enough. Some Christians are calling me a feminist now – so maybe I should try to look more like the Feminist Icon. I need to get me a suit too I suppose. I bet she’s wearing a skirt though and I really don’t like skirts too much.

After Jennifer chops it to pieces lovingly edits it, and it’s all tidied up, I’ll post it here for your enjoyment. Then we can all laugh together when the Ms. Dr. Gallagher (Ph.D. in Physics, Head of the Honors Studies) reads my unfashionable discourse on Ms. de Beauvior and she and all her female colleagues laugh me into the remedial studies program.

HAHAHAHA Just kidding. Nothing like a little self-deprication to calm the nerves.

And – just to prove a point – I’m not even going to spell check this post.