I’ve been fumbling around in my mind all day wondering what in the world to blog about since it was a seemingly normal and mundane day – shockingly – and I hadn’t found anything considerably funny to post on the “Nonsense” theme. In fact, again, I was tired today and irritable and a little short tempered with the kids.

I think the pinnacle moment of the day was actually this morning (sigh) when I had one of those motherhood moments when you are somewhat outside of your body and you can see and hear everything you are doing and know you are behaving AS BAD AS OR WORSE THAN the children but you don’t seem to be able to “shut it!” and what you really need is for God to just slap His hand across your mouth for you??? I can’t count how many times I found myself saying, “Whaaat??” (as in “What do you want NOW???” tone of voice) to the kids. Does anyone else know what I’m talking about or am I just mental???

So. Ahem. Let me regain my composure and get on with the post.

I am glad to report that my 30 day offering of Complete Walston Family Nonsense Posts has been saved! Because … look what I found when I headed out the front door this evening to get ready to run a few errands with the family?

One pink ballerina with choppy yellow hair and obnoxiously white socks with sandals standing in my completely dead and dried up flower bed lovingly holding a small green lizard!! There was also one curious but apprehensive 6-almost-7 year old (not really she just says that) covered in roses and watching from a comfortable distance. She would not be convinced to hold the lizard which worked out nicely because I’m not sure we could have convinced Claire to share!

I hope you all enjoy the following video. We have watched it a few times and find it hilarious, but of course – they’re our kids so we are a bit biased. I can’t decide if my favorite part is where Claire starts giggling with pure delight when she gets ahold of the lizard the 2nd time or when she asks if I would like to keep him.

Excuse the part where I say that Claire is “eating a bug bug”. I apparently write like I talk, or talk like I write. Which is to say that both modes of communication require lots of editing all the time – but I don’t always catch my errors until it’s too late…. 🙂

So. Without further adieux….here’s Claire and her new pet lizard.