Hannah stayed home from VBS today. She really doesn’t much care for that kind of chaotic environment. She likes structure, rules and order. She thrives there. So the hyped up environment that IS every VBS program across the country right now is just not at all interesting to Hannah.

She’d much rather hang out at home, in her own private hot tub, with Claire, and go diving for diving sticks, practice her swimming strokes, chill out, or break out in song and dance. The songs were especially funny – since Claire started off singing hers by shouting, “When you don’t like your mom….” I was laughing – it was so hilarious…. they are so funny!!!

They played out in their, “Hot tub just for girls – NO BOYS!” (per Hannah, of course) for about an hour this morning and about 2 hours this afternoon. It’s amazing what $11.00 at Walmart will get ya! And yes, I was invited to come “relax in the warm water” several times. I graciously declined the invitation! I’m not exactly sure WHY the water was warm and I don’t exactly want to know if it was because of the sun….or not!!!

Hannah, relaxing in the “hot tub”.

Diving for the diving sticks, which was hilarious to watch. The diving sticks were only covered by about 1″ of water! It was really funny!

Hannah said she was working on her “mermaid swimming”?????

Hannah was trying to explain to Claire why you don’t have to squeeze the water out of the diving sticks because there are holes and the water just comes out – kind of like when you wet the bed and you don’t mean to. Which then leads the logical thinker to wonder….does she sometimes MEAN to wet the bed?? LOL!!

Claire is preparing for the big dive….

The funny video has been removed by me due to personal security violations. More on this in another post.

Sorry, Sarah (Hall), if you were anticipating some cute poolside pics. I know I said I had grandiose plans to take everyone swimming this afternoon, but … uh…. this was as good as it got today. I’m STILL recovering from the weekend. Good grief stress can really knock you off your feet can’t it?? All I wanted to do was sleep the afternoon away. I sat in my chair under my covered front porch and finished reading my latest novel. It was just as good as napping….I suppose. 🙂