Now I know some who might think this is a good idea where I’m concerned, but quite frankly – I don’t care what THEY think – so, phooey on them.

Anyway, here we go with today’s Walston Family Nonsense post! Claire and I were playing with laundry. Or rather, Claire was playing with laundry and I was the end of her means. hee hee!! She’s easily entertained and thought herself quite clever in her play.

I, as you can tell, was also easily amused and seemingly quite clever. I learned a long time ago to never, EVER, interrupt a child who is in the middle of some imaginative play. Especially if that imaginative play includes you as a prop of some kind. This is the mug shot of Sarah, the criminal, caught by Claire, who said, and I quote, ‘HAHA Now you can’t talk anymore!!”

Yeah. Ok. Whatever Claire.

It didn’t take much for me to accomplish the ol’ switcheroo on her though! A little tickling here, tickling there, tickling everywhere (she forgot to tie up my hands!!!) and the tables were turned!!!

HAHA Claire Bug! You never even saw it comin’ did you!!!!

But seriously now – the real question is – can you …. dear reader…. correctly identify which piece of laundry Claire was playing with?!?! Remember what we girls do around these here parts for fun – that’s the only clue I’m going to give you!! Whoever gets the answer right wins….um….a big smiley face??? πŸ™‚

Don’t you love the mug-mug of our Bug-Bug?

And yes. Seriously. These posts really are RANDOM THINGS that happen in our house hold of crazy people. I haven’t staged any of this!!! If this was staged, don’t you think I’d be looking a little more put together, have some makeup on, and some better posture in those photos?!?! LOL!! Come on people, I’m as vain as you are!!

Oh and yes, I am that tanned. HAHAHAHAHA (see….there’s the vanity thing…)