(This could also be filed under the Quote of the Day!)

As part of our Nonsensical Personalities, Royce and I have always encouraged the kids to think outside of the box – and that works for Adri very well. He’s always coming up with the most outlandish ideas! So I thought I’d include today’s thought for the next installment of the Walston Family Nonsense Posts!

Adri JUST came up to me and said that he had come up with a new business idea!

PS2 Tutoring!

He said, and I quote, he “can help kids learn to play their most favorite games better – and maybe even win them!!” He went on to explain that he will charge for his services, so he can earn some money doing something he loves. But he’ll definitely have to advertise. And in the advertisement he will list the games he is good at. Because that’s all he’ll be able to tutor. (Which is completely opposite of his original plan – but I thought it was funny all together!)

Now this kid is going somewhere!! A PS2 Tutor for Kids! I wonder how the other kids will pay him? And will their parents REALLY bring them over to our house for tutoring or will I have to drive Adri all over town? If I do – can I charge Adri cab fare? I mean – if this thing takes off – I stand to make some serious money off of it don’t I???

(Because that’s the kind of Mom I am – Vicariously capitalizing on my children’s successes!!)

Looks like he’s found his first student here – but… alas… it’s just his brother….who won’t pay him a dime…and neither one of them needs transportation, so I’m out of luck too… aww shucks! And doesn’t Ean look totally thrilled about being “tutored”?

HAHAHAHA After I snapped the photo, Adri says, “Was that for my advertising??? Ean – did you smile? Dude – that was for our advertising! Man – you messed it all up.”


Does anyone need or want to know how to play (and I quote): “Lego Star Wars, Lego Star Wars I, Ace Combat 4, Neopets (about half of it), Burn Out 2, Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex. More titles coming soon….”

And – check out Adri’s hair. Isn’t that some rockin’ hair stylin’ he’s got goin’ on there? I love it. That kid is crazy!! He went to VBS this morning like that. HAHAHAHA Between the hair, the braces on his teeth that he forgets to brush???, the fact that he’s becoming a Professional PS2 Tutor, and his borderline ADD status – I’m thankful. We don’t have to worry about girlfriends for a LONG TIME!!!