Day six of the Walston Family Nonsense Posts is bringing something fresh and new to the blog. We’ve never featured this before on our blog so I hope everyone will leave a comment and let the boys, Adri (- the 11yo and Ean – the 8yo, know what you think of the project they did with their Dad! I think it’s pretty awesome, but I’m biased!!

One day Royce set up a seamless backdrop (basic newsprint paper that came on a roll which I bought at Hobby Lobby last year for $1.00) and he and the boys spent the afternoon shooting images for their Bionicle Stop Action Photography Projects (actually Royce’s idea)!

Yes, we love photography around here. It’s surely catching on as a family hobby! So the moral point is – if you are going to be “one of those dad’s” who wastes a lot of time messing around with computers and electronics – just involve your kids and make it a family affair!! Then no one can complain that you are ignoring your kids. You might not be taking them camping – but how many kids can say their Dad shoots stop action photography – of their TOYS?!?! I think Royce is a super cool dad!!

I think they are really cool!!



The first two clips are stagings that the boys came up with on their own. Royce let them arrange the Bionicles and do whatever they wanted with them. He simply helped them out a little here and there and took the photos and then did the editing/formatting.

This one is ALL ROYCE! Yes, Royce actually made the boys clear out and he picked out his own Bionicles and made his own movie! TOO FUNNY!!! What kind of nonsense is this? hee hee….