Taking a break from the Walston Family Nonsense posts to bring you this silly image below!!

Today I went to the New Transfer Student Orientation today at Texas State University in San Marcos and yes, I registered for classes on campus and an internet course and a correspondence class. And yes, I am planning on getting my degree. And yes, seriously – their mascot is the bobcat. Have you ever seen a bobcat? It’s about the mangy-est (is that a word??) looking animal I could ever imagine using as a school mascot! I’ll have to find out the scoop about this because there has to be a reason they picked a BOBCAT as the mascot….

Anyway – and yes….I know that I’m clinically INSANE.

But – I thought you guys might enjoy seeing my Student ID card that I made today! It doesn’t REALLY look like this though. I mean, it IS the actual card and the photo on the card – but I did a little tweaking to make it a little more fun!!

In just a few years, I will be able to replace the card for a real, live, diploma to put in that frame. And then I’ll be able to get that real, live, job that I hope is still available and then I’ll be the proud owner of some real, live, college loans!! Just in time too, because Adri’s 11, so really in about 8 years he’ll be heading off to college! LOL!

Oh. And want to know how I did all that nifty editing!?!?!

Check out Piknik on the web! It’s a web based photo editing program! I LOVE it!!! You can pay to use their upgraded features – but I just did all that with their freebies!! It’s a really really cool free online program! I love that I don’t have to download anything to my computer!!