I had forgotten about the “What Happens When You Have Kids” theme that I started a few weeks ago. It actually was the inspiration behind the Walston Family Nonsense Themes and so, I was going to make this a “What happens when…” post – but decided to just convert it to a WFN post. When my 30 day offering of completely nonsensical posts are up – I will resume the “What Happens When You Have Kids” posts….

BUT…. anyway –

Here’s what happens when you have kids, and they make your bed for you.

First. You find that nothing matches.

Second. You find that the blanket they DID put on your bed is sideways.

And Finally…even though it’s the middle of the day and it’s all make believe fun …you still find yourself annoyed that you have VISITORS IN YOUR BED!!!!

(It’s apparently not enough that we have a perpetual family bed – NOT by choice! NOW it’s some sort of home decor that they think is cute and sweet???) **sigh**

OK. I confess. I did start giggling when I saw this!  I had been gone all day long and this was really fun to come home and find. AND, I thought it was sweet how it must have been the girls way of letting me know how much they missed me – they had left me pictures!!

Come to find out later – it was just their “friends” watching TV. There’s a TV in the room and all the “friends” were apparently catching up on the latest Spongebob Episode. Notice that they are all, for the most part, water-friendly animals…..


I love my kids. They are HILARIOUS!!!!