Sorry for the break in programming but we are entertaining a very very hectic schedule this week and therefore a delay in blogging is necessary or I’d surely be labeled an addict. 🙂

But! Tonight affords a quick break in the insanity that is this weeks’ “to do list” and I want to blog about Ean!  Ean loves play with my digital camera. Don’t your kids love to play with your camera?  The great thing about the digital camera is that you can DELETE DELETE DELETE!! On Saturday the 7th, Ean decided to tag along with me on my errands for the day. I had my final private class with Dr. Tenniswood (Cecchetti Coach) – this would be my last class to take one on one with her before my exam which is this coming Sunday (yes, Father’s Day!) and then we were going to go grocery shopping. I had prepared Ean for the fact that my class with “Dr. T” would run long – probably about an hour and a half – but I didn’t know we would end up working 2 1/2 hours!! LOL!  Poor Ean! All he had brought to entertain himself was a book, some Neopet cards, and my digital camera.

I suggested to Ean that he spend some time perusing around the campus of the beautiful studios we were working at he was stuck at and photograph anything he found that was interesting, beautiful, cool, or fun. You are going to SO ENJOY the wonderful images he captured on “film”!!

He doesn’t act ONE BIT like an 8 year old does he?!?!?!

And my personal favorite!!!!

This one also made Dr. T crack up laughing. But then – she’s already raised 3 boys, so she knows all about this kind of stuff!!

On the way home we stopped at a little gas station and got something to drink. Ean was totally excited that I just handed him the empty styrofoam cup and said, “Fill ‘er up!” He got to mix up whatever sodas he wanted to and chug it down!  Now, I really do remember doing this as a kid and thinking it was SO COOL – but as an adult… YUCK!!!

In the car, Ean suggested that I try his “drink creation”. Now I was not at all in agreement with this suggestion  – but after a little coaxing I decided to just give it a shot. I mean – how bad could it be, really??

So here I am sipping the drink – carefully ….

And here I am afterwards!!!

Ean says I look like a big bug about to attack!!!  He doesn’t care for my “bug glasses”!!  LOL!!