This book was completely boring. I read all the way through chapter 9, but simply could not carry on. It’s not that it was BAD per say – but it was just not good. At all. The writing was pretty low grade, the book read more like a huge gossip story than a novel, the characters had about that much quality to them, and the storyline itself was simply void of any thing remotely interesting to me.

Basic rundown – there are two main characters who are both grown women and they are both totally self-absorbed but each in a completely different way. One thinks the world revolves around her and the other wonders why she has to keep up with the revolving world. Self-absorbed people annoy me! Anyway, they are in two completely different phases of life but end up working with each other in a producer’s office in Hollywood. And I guess that’s supposed to be the interesting part – I don’t know – I didn’t read that far. It was a struggle to get through chapter 9.

Now, I’m not a professional book-reviewer so, who am I to judge this book as a total loss. You might read it and find it hilarious. I, however, was not amused – nor interested – and won’t mind returning this one to the library!

So – this book will be the first one to receive the RED STOP SIGN – signifying that if I were you, dear reader, I wouldn’t even bother picking this one up off the library shelf!

I do plan on reading her other book, Cranberry Queen, after I finish the book I’m working on now. Just because this book is “bad” (in my opinion) doesn’t mean Cranberry Queen is going to be bad. She seems to be a very capable writer – but I think this particular book is lacking any real literary style.

This book is definitely ADULT TWADDLE!!