In the second installment of the Walston Family Nonsense posts, I am very proud to showcase how talented we all are. Can family life really be any better than when able to share in a talent together? I don’t think so. You can hold a different position on that if you want – to each his own I suppose – but for me… I take great pride in the fact that in my family blood line – both paternal and maternal – there is no lack of brains or talent or beauty! (Have you read my Mom’s Blog yet?) And not only that – it’s not just MY blood line that is so blessed. Royce’s family is also full of some of the most beautiful, talented and intelligent people I’ve ever met! (Teresa – I’m talking about you! LOL!) So ok – yes, I’m a little bit proud of my family and my husband’s family. And that makes me UBER-proud to share with you all our secret family talent – for hula hooping!!


Claire and the hoop – I love how she turns a circle INSIDE the hoop! That’s SO smart! And no one taught her how to do that!!!

Hannah doin’ her tricks! She’s pretty good at it really. She can get that thing going pretty fast!

Ean, AKA Mr. Cool. He did a hula hoop routine for a PE Showcase program at school this year and he was SO AWESOME. He’s actually our inspiration and none of us knew we had this talent until Ean put us to the challenge!!!

So. Adri is really cute. And funny. And I love that at age 11 he not only tolerates this kind of humiliation, he actually gets into it and makes it more funny!!! LOL!!

There’s my hubby. Isn’t he something!!

And now. For the moment you’ve all been waiting for. You all know I’m an accomplished ballerina underpaid ballet teacher, so you all probably have pretty high hopes for me and the hula hoop. All I can say is that I am definitely a performer and I know where my kids get it from… ENJOY!!


Ok. I think this would have been much funnier if we would have had 6 hula hoops and some circus music going. But – it is what it is!

In the next episode – what happens when you leave Ean alone with the camera…. and a forthcoming installment of What Happens When You Have Kids!!

Stay Tuned….