We Walston’s are highly intellectual – as I was saying before. And Adri is no exception. Have I mentioned here that I got his TAKS scores back and he only missed 8 questions out of all THREE exams?!?!  No. I’m not joking.  That’s 8 out of 110 questions across the 3 tests (Reading – Math – Writing). He’s a smarty pants, that’s for sure! And for someone who had been barely home schooled – had never taken a standardized test before – and still can’t really do division or multiple digit multiplication – I’m really NOT sure how he only missed 3 math questions on his 4th grade TAKS. But whatever!!!

Anyway. I found the following in some of Adri’s school paperwork. He had been given a writing prompt and his answer is below the bolded text:

Words of wisdom about turning 60:

When you turn 60 your hair turns gray and falls out. When you turn 60 you’re close to retirement. When you turn 60 you are more tired than usual.

I really hope when I turn 60 all my  hair doesn’t fall out!!!