Ok so Elizabeth Flock is up for 2….but down for 1.

I did not really care for Everything Must Go, which is Ms. Flock’s 3rd book.

In fact, I didn’t even read all of it.

I read the first 3 chapters, then turned to page…. who knows what, and read the last 2 chapters. And pretty much figured the whole thing out. Reading everything in the middle would have been a complete waste of time for me because the book, to me, was so dreadfully boring!

There’s nothing really offensive about it and if you like narratives then you might enjoy the book. There’s hardly any unsavory language. (I don’t know if there are any sex scenes because I skipped most of the book!) It’s just basically a book about a guy who grew up in a small town and how he watches the world around him move forward with progress while his life just sort of goes nowhere. It was a dismall read.

I won’t say it’s bad – but I won’t say that I think everyone must go read it RIGHT NOW. I’ll be happy to return my copy to the library and don’t plan to read this again.

I AM wanting to read Me and Emma again though!!

All in all – I say ??? Go for it if you want – but I don’t think you’ll be missing anything if you skip this one! For me….this book must go back to the library!