I’m starting early with the Walston Family Nonsense Theme in which I will offer 30 days on my blog posts dedicated to chronicling this nonsensical household. I hope you all enjoy this journey! I was going to start tomorrow, but today offered a few funny moments that had to be shared!

Hannah Walston, age 6 Up and Coming Fashionista:

Her eyes AND tongue totally coordinate with her tank top! GO HANNAH (this IS what happens after you eat a Blue Coconut Slush by the way – but who can resist Sonic Happy Hour after spending the day at the park on a hot Texas “spring” day??)

And then Sweet Claire Bug Bug (that’s her nick-name) – my 4 year old – battling it out with a poor little boy at the park. And look, behind him is another little boy hiding under the playground equipment for fear of being pulled into the fierce battle. I think Claire’s got something goin’ on here – she’s really poised to take this boy down! She looks fierce and mean, doesn’t she? What happened to my sweet darling baby girl???

Oh! There she is – there’s my sweetie pie. Goin’ down the slide with her foe….or friend….whichever. But wait…she can’t go down the slide. Right after I took this photo she had to stop – see how her foot is kinda in a funky position? Yeah. She had to stop because “there’s, there’s, there’s a little itty bitty worm on the slide and I’m going to squish him Mom!!” So she walked down the slide instead, taking care NOT to step on the “itty bitty worm.” I’m guessing the worm appreciated it.

Hee hee… Claire just came up and saw herself in this photo while I’m sitting here blogging and she said, “Oh that’s cute. But next time, I want to wear a skirt with this shirt instead. With this horsie shirt. I think a pink skirt instead of a the brown shorts. That will be much cuter. I will be much cuter with a pink skirt on. Skirts are always much cuter than shorts. Ok, Mom? I can get a pink skirt? With glitter on it?” And I said, “Sure Claire – no problem!” She ran off to play the hula-hoop game with Hannah…. so now I can get back to blogging….

You probably won’t be able to tell who is in the next photo because again, I have very fashion concious children and THIS ONE is completely camoflauged…. except for the whites of his socks. Those are the only things that might stand out…. But here’s Ean – 8 yrs old – ready for war!!

I never could find Adri (age 11) at the park. However, once at home, it was terribly easy to locate him in his natural habitat:

Since this is our first Walston Family Nonsense post, I will unabashedly include two photos of Royce and myself for your enjoyment. Here’s Royce decked out in all his glory with his little bags of stuff that he likes to carry around in his one big backpack. I’m always making fun of his obsessive compulsive disorder that he struggles with in regards to having a deep desire to organize all his belongings in little bags, of all sorts. Really. We have SO MANY BAGS that belong to Royce. It’s ridiculous. Here’s my man. God bless his heart.

He’s got his biggest fan by his side. Check out what he’s doing to her hair. God bless her heart.

And no. I didn’t really let him leave the house with all those dorky things attached to his belt!!!

And here’s the only normal person in the family. Yours, truly.

This is about as crazy as I could get for a nonsensical photo. πŸ™‚ Adri was roaming around the house one day taking photos and he caught me!

Yes. I look like this everyday. By 6am. I never leave my bedroom in the morning before I shower, dress, fix my hair and put on makeup. I’m practically perfect.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA That is SUCH a bold-faced lie!!!!

So. That about wraps up our day. Royce and I are going to Saltgrass tonight, sans the kids – who don’t know they are getting to stay home and have peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, with powdered donuts and milk (for a well balanced meal) and hang out with their Gramcy (that’s IF she gets my text message….)

Not all Walston Family Nonsense posts will be this long. But I thought I should get us off and running with a good strong start! Tomorrow I am going to do an expose on the fun we have around these here parts with the hula hoop!

Stay tuned….