Today is June 6th, and I just posted my last Christian Themed post for the next 30 days. Between Saturday June 7th and Friday, July 4th, I plan to post 1 entry each day pertaining to my children, family, husband, ballet, self, home schooling, etc. Something personal that has absolutely NOTHING to do with religion in general. I might refer to my faith b/c…how could I not? But I’m, quite frankly, tiring of the subject (religion).

How’s that for being transparent?? I’m a Christian but I’m just really tired of talking about Christianity…

So I’m offering up to you, my dear blog readers, a 30-day offering of pure, unadulterated, Walston Family Nonsense.

May it be a time of refreshing laughter and a joyful journey as I strive to get caught up on posting family photos!!!

I am leaving July 5th for a 2 week trip to Michigan, and it’d be really great to have my blog up to date with family life, before I left.

So, enjoy the article below by Norm Wakefield, and then you can just say, ADIOS TO ALL THINGS RELIGIOUS, over here at Sarah Walstons Blog.

I’m taking a much needed break.