I accidentally stole your pencil today when I left the park this afternoon.

It was a good thing though because on the way home I called Ray to let him know that I was leaving the park and I could run that errand for him that he needed Gwendolyn to run but she forgot about and so anyway that’s a long story and it would be too much to explain but Gwendolyn will know what I’m talking about and she’ll be glad I had a pencil to write down the address to the tool shop so I could pick up Ray’s Dad’s father’s day gift so that I could meet them later and then they would be able to take Ray’s Dad his gift when they go to Cameron on Saturday for a family wedding.

Without the pencil – I would have been completely lost because I can NEVER remember directions. And so the task wouldn’t have gone as smoothly as it did.

So. I’m very sorry for stealing your pencil. But it did save the day.

I’ll make it up to you by treating you to your favorite drink at your favorite watering hole. That way I can rightly return the pencil to it’s owner, properly.

Plus – isn’t it just a good excuse for getting together at Starbucks and gossiping about Stephen?

(Don’t worry – I don’t THINK he reads the blog. I could be wrong though. You should ask him for me. If I ask him it will be obvious. If you ask him it won’t be so obvious. LOL!)

You can leave a comment here if you want or just email me or call me. But I wanted there to be a public record of apology since the thievery was done amongst our peers. I felt it was only right.

Additionally, anyone who was present is also welcome to join us for the meeting in which I will return the pencil in question. Of course, I’m extremely poor right now, so it’ll have to be a dutch date for everyone else besides Alycia. LOL!

Yours Truly,