I really do have a blog post about halfway written – about why I blog. But I’m also “doing school” today with the kids – so I can only write in spurts. So it’s taking a while.

We’re about to sit down and start reading our new afternoon read aloud – called Five Little Peppers and How They Grew. It looks like a totally cute book. If you are into reading to your kids for fun (one of our favorite things to do – inspired by an old friend!!) you should check this book out!

You can actually download the whole book HERE. I bought my copy for $0.50 at the Library Book Cellar. I love that place!!

“The Peppers’ good spirits, their love for each other, and their pleasure in simple homemade fun still charms me…. I wish them a long and happy life of at least another hundred years.” — Betsy Byars –This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.

*Post first chapter quick review: This book is ADORABLE! Here’s my favorite quote so far: “Poor things!” she [the mother] would say to herself, “They haven’t had any bringing up; they’ve just scrambled up!” And then she would set her lips together tightly and fly at her work faster than ever. “I must get learning for ’em someway, but I just don’t see how!” Awww!! I can so relate to that feeling!!

For all you religious nutcases (you know I love you), you will appreciate the inscription at the beginning of the book which reads: “To the memory of my Mother: wise in counsel, tender in judgement and in all charity, strong in Christian faith and purpose, I dedicate, with reverence, this simple book.”

So sweet! I know Adri’s going to write a book one day and say the exact same thing about me. I just know it!! HAHAHAHAHA