This is the absolute best kept secret in San Antonio! If you click on the image at the left, you will go to the San Antonio Hotel and Lodging Association’s annual city-wide fund raiser. Area businesses donate items and you purchase them. The proceeds from the sale of the items go to benefit different local non-profit organizations.

I stumbled upon this gem a few years ago when searching for a way to get cheap hotel reservations for the Riverwalk – and I have participated every year since! This is really the best way to book your hotel for a stay in San Antonio. It’s a little more tricky than just booking through Yahoo Travel or whatever, but if you are planning ahead and have some flexibility you can save some major cash.

This is not a gimmick. And I don’t make any profit by promoting this. But my friend Joy has successfully traveled to San Antonio using these certificates and a friend from the restaurant I used to work at bought a certificate and saved like $100 off her reservation as well. So – it really is worth it and it’s just such a great deal!

For instance – this year I am getting a certificate to The Emily Morgan Hotel. That’s where we are having our Girls Night Out!  The room usually goes for $199 plus hotel taxes and fees – so it would cost me over $230 at the regular rate. But since I am buying through this fundraiser, the room is only $128 – and that includes all taxes and fees!!  Isn’t that crazy!  That’s $100 off!  That’s so cool!!!

Go check it out!