In 2006 I went to see The End of the Spear with a friend. Most of you probably know it’s about missionaries working in the Amazon. The story being told in the movie itself took place in the 1950’s. So while it was interesting to see how tribal people lived, it was still “a long time ago.” Somewhere towards the end of the movie, I sat stunned, thinking to myself, “There is NO WAY that people could possibly live like THAT today!” And I turned to my friend and said, “I’m SO GLAD I’m ME and NOT them!” Which was her phrase – so I was kind of teasing her, but not really. I was making a point.

I mean – let’s talk about some predestination issues here! God could have very well have decided that I, who is presently known here in this very modern day life as Sarah Walston, could have just as well have been born on the dirt floor of a thatched roof hut belonging to a tribal woman who was living along the Amazon River.

It is ONLY by God’s GRACE that HE allowed me, in His sovereignty, to enjoy the USA and all it’s glory. Every time I think about the whole idea of running away from society and secluding myself on a farm (or whatever) as a way to protect myself and my children from the evils of the society we live in (or worse, as a means of showing God how obedient I am being towards His “biblical mandate that I live set apart from the world”) – I am quick to remember that it was GOD HIMSELF who purposed that I, and therefore my children, should be trained up in the way we should go – in THIS century, in THIS environment, in THIS culture. And so we have to be IN the culture to make a difference IN this culture. Yes, set apart but not LITERALLY set apart.

So. All that to say. When I saw the pictures this week of the “lost tribe” that has been found, I was both shocked by the graphic nature of these photos and at the same time humbled by the reality of my life – of my walk with God – of my faith – to be found in the photographs themselves. I mean – honestly… it’s 2008!!! People still live like this?!?!?! OH. MY. GOD! I seriously could have been one of those tribal women!! Look at that woman there standing in an animal like stance staring up at the airplane or whatever in the sky that is photographing her. It’s AMAZING! People – that could have been US down there on the ground looking up at the “big white loud bird”! LOL! It’s – dumbfounding but at the same time…it’s very humbling.

You can see the rest of the photos HERE.

There’s a difference between living in a 3rd world country and knowing that you are … oh … how to say it – having an awareness of your lack of provision. But the thing about these people, in the photograph is – they aren’t even AWARE that they are lacking anything! Time simply slipped by them! There is no psychological awareness that the rest of the world wears clothing, lives in houses, eats food from grocery stores … doesn’t hunt with spears or paint their bodies red…. THAT is what is SO humbling to me. I could literally BE living that life right now.

Thank you, God, for not doing that to me. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Honestly. With all the sincerity in my heart. I love you!!

And, of course, on the funny side of it all – these folks either totally missed the Evolution Boat when it came through town or maybe, perhaps, this just goes to show that people didn’t really evolve from anything. Can you imagine that this tribe of people have lived and looked like this since the beginning of time?!?! FREAKY!!!

And here’s another interesting thought that is not original but I read it in the comments section on another blog.

Consider This: The tribe wasn’t lost until we found them…..

Now there’s some existential thinking for you! Right alongside the sovereignty stuff – ponder both while you sleep tonight!! (Is that possible?)