I am pretty sure I just found my new favorite author.

Elizabeth Flock is AMAZING.

This book is absolutely breath-taking but it is definitely not for the faint of heart. The narrator is Carrie, an 8 yr. old little girl who gives us a window into the life that she is trying to sort out.  She deals with some very harsh circumstances, but there is an air of innocence in the writing because we are seeing her life through her eyes. I don’t want to ruin the book so I’m not going to say much more except that this book is exceptional. The courage that Carrie has in dealing with her life is simply extraordinary.

I was blown away by the ending. The last 100 pages are page turners and I simply could not believe the ending. The way the plot unfolded in the last segment of the book was truly unexpected – and that’s a really rare quality for an author to achieve because, at least for me, I usually figure the book out about half-way through and then keep reading just to see if I’m right! But it wasn’t just the plot, it was the way Elizabeth Flock wrote the dialogue that takes you through the resolution of the climax within the plot that is so captivating. This book should validate Ms. Flock as one of the most creative writers of our generation.

Now, on a slightly different note,  I will admit, I was never good at identifying the climax and resolution parts. I always thought the most exciting part of a story was the climax and the ending was the resolution. But that’s not actually always the case. And in this book, I believe the most exciting part is the resolution and the climax actually happens about halfway through. The ending is just the ending. There are actually several plot lines going on, so if one was to analyze it deep enough, there are several climaxes and resolutions that occur – the most exciting part about this all is that everything comes together almost all at the exact same time. And THAT is what makes the ending SO good!

Did that make sense to anyone else??

Now this book would make a great movie! But the writers would have to be very careful in how they transposed the book into a screenplay and the director would have to be very careful how he set the shots up and the editors would have to be extremely careful in not giving away the ending while telling the story. If they weren’t very careful they would ruin the entire book within the first 5 minutes.

SO, this is an absolute must read. I definitely say “Give it a GO” with this one!

Side note: I quit reading fiction about 10 years ago or so – when I started pursuing other endeavors. But after reading ME & EMMA, I was struck with the knowledge that I’ve wasted so much time reading good non-fiction Christian books about how to be a good mother instead of just enjoying my time as a mother and reading a good fiction book! *Sigh* Well. Live and learn…and there’s no time like the present!