Royce really likes this website. I thought I’d share that with you all. I’m going over there now to check it out. You can click on their logo to head that way….

Funny thought: Wouldn’t it be great if marriages today didn’t need to be censored to begin with?? Sad truth is most marriages are in such messy states that it’s simply not proper to discuss them out loud. LOL!!

Enjoy and let me know what you think if you go check out “Dave and Christie’s” site – I have no idea what I’m linking to. I just know Royce likes them and that’s plenty good enough for me!

And yes. We are child free tonight. Which explains all the blogging. Royce is sitting 4 feet to my right at his computer, blogging as well. We’re about to go to bed and read. I’m reading me & emma, and he can share the title of his book if he wants to by leaving a comment – but it’s a Chrisitan non-fiction book – gag!!! JK – isn’t it ironic …. that genre of book used to be my favorite!!!

And then we’ll go to bed at a decent hour.

Because it’s the weekend. We only stay up late on the weekdays around these here parts…


OMG! This is too funny!! As I’m almost finishing up this post Royce clicks his light off and says, “I think I’m heading to bed.” HAHAHAHA He’s roaming through the house turning off lights… I gotta go! Time to go read books!