So I think that everyone who wanted to know what happened with me and a certain local event knows what they want to know by now – so I have taken down all references to that event from my blog. Those that have had the desire to, have probably saved a hard copy of that original post and/or emailed it to whomever they wanted to. So there isn’t any need for any of that information to remain online. The only reason now, that I can see, for it to remain up there – would be to continue to stir up strife – and really…that’s not appropriate.

But, due to the unfortunate decisions on several people’s parts (mine included – but not limited to just me) … a lot of people have been hurt over a couple of stupid rambling posts I put on my own blog. It is not in my nature to be someone who causes division amongst friends – and so, out of a desire to see various relationships between people restored, I am removing stuff.

No one has asked me or told me to remove blog posts. But I have a lot of respect for someone who has proven herself to be a very good friend to me and I ended up putting her in a very awkward position. Friends like her are very rare – and yet God has really blessed me with 3 really wonderful, strong, Godly friends who love me in spite of my errors (don’t we all make mistakes?), give me room to grow (isn’t that what the fruit of friendship is?), who have walked with me through some of the hardest seasons of my life (without them – seriously – I am not sure I would be alive today – and no. I’m not being melodramatic.) and who hold my feet to the fire when I need a little reminding of who it is I am in Christ (yeah, ok, thanks girls!) God has blessed me with some really wonderful girlfriends.

Sometimes, though, my rambling tongue can get the better of me (doesn’t it do that to all of us from time to time?) – and has caused one of those gals undue stress. It has also caused a division between two lifelong friends that I am not really even directly connected to, but the damage is done and now it’s time to start making reparations.

So as I sat looking at my long list of questions this morning that I WANTED ANSWERED! And my list of phone numbers that I was going to call and start asking questions…I thought, you know…I should really pray first. So I just bowed my head and said, “God what do YOU want me to do about this? How do YOU want me to handle this?” And clear as day I heard Him say, “Make it right. Let it go. Move forward.” Then I remembered my motto!! How could I have forgotten my motto!?!?!

I have a life motto that I live by. I try to live by it. Sometimes I fail (doesn’t everyone?) but for the most part my life motto is: You can do or say anything you want – no matter how stupid or silly it is – as long as you don’t hurt anyone or anything in the process. If you do cause someone to get hurt – even if your actions were not intended to hurt anyone – you have a duty – a Christian duty – to make things right. That’s my motto and I’m sticking to it.

If you have any questions you can email me at swalston3 at yahoo….. But now I gotta get back to home schooling my children. We are reading about Neil Armstrong this week and doing a unit study along with it. The kids have finished all their morning chores and are ready for SCHOOL TIME!!!!

**Edited to include that I meant to set this post so that one could not leave comments here – this has been corrected. Comments are closed for this post, as part of the ‘move forward’ plan….. I will not be addressing this situation again on my blog.**