We finally bought a new van! Isn’t that great. Ok not a NEW van. That would be insane. Who can afford new vans?? We’d only do that if we won the lottery. And we don’t play the lottery – so you know – we’re totally out of luck on that one.

After being without a family vehicle for almost a month, thanks to an unfortunate incident, I was greatly relieved when Royce and the boys went out on Sunday to procure a mode of transportation that we could all fit in. We have definitely stayed home more than we had originally anticipated during the month of May – because you know, it’s really just not worth it to get up, cram all the kids, me and Royce (that would equal 6 people) into the Saturn Ion (5 seater) drive all the way out to 281/Stone Oak during morning rush hour, and then repeat it all over again during the evening traffic – just so we could go to the park. 🙂 Yeah. Not really worth it. We’ve just stayed home. Which was fine. But it is nice to be able to (legally) fit in one car together!

So we are totally enjoying our 2004 Honda Odyssey. This is it right here. Ok. Well. That’s what it looks like. I snaked the photo off the web because right now our car is at the dealership being detailed. Plus, the scenery behind this Odyssey is much more attractive than our neighborhood, and I thought we’d just live vicariously through this other person’s photo all together!

But wow this car drives so nice. It’s so nice to be back in a Honda. I’m a Honda Lover, I will admit it. The first car I purchased, with cash, when I was 17, was a Honda Accord. It was an older car, I only paid $1500 for it, and … hee hee…. I was such a dork….I didn’t even think to check and see if the a/c worked. I just assumed it did. I bought the car in February and the heater worked just fine – so I assumed the a/c would work just fine too. DUMB MOMENT IN MY LIFETIME. I came to find out sometime around May, when it got HOT (as it does here in Texas) that the car had come from up north and there wasn’t even an a/c installed in the silly thing! LOL!!!! I drove that car until 1997 – when it finally died. I think I had it 5 years and only made like 3 repairs to it. It was even rear ended twice, and survived no worse for the wear!

I really love Hondas. I’m so excited that I get to drive one again. I know it’s totally materialistic and it shouldn’t matter – but I’m excited about it! I can’t believe Royce found this car. It’s a 2004 and only has 55k miles on it. It was totally within our means and the financing was really a steal – totally manageable payments for a few years. And then we’ll own it. And we’ll have it forever.

Or at least until someone totals it and we have to start all over – but I am really hoping that doesn’t happen again!!!!