For everyone’s sake, I’m keeping the rating system around here pretty darn simple.

If I like a book, and it’s something I’m going to keep because I’ve bought it – or buy it because I’m reading the library’s copy, I’m going to say so and I’m going to give it “a go!” – which also means I think you (reader) ought to give the book a try! This picture will appear somewhere in the post.

If it’s something I don’t really like, but don’t really hate – and so I can’t really say if it’s bad or not, then I’m going to let you decide. I’ll jot my thoughts down and then simply leave the following image attached to the title of the blog and you’re basically on your own with the book. Best of luck!

And if it’s horrendous, awful – totally without any redeeming worth – and I have a strong desire to host a book burning party – I will absolutely let you know! I will tell all there is to tell about the book and put a great big warning sign before the post!!

I like this idea. It’s simple. And if I find cuter graphics, I’ll surely change them out. LOL!