This looks like an exciting conference! You can click the poster above to go to their website for all the info.

You can register online early for only $10.00!  If you do end up paying at the door it’s only $15.00, so it’s not a huge difference, but why not save the $5.00 where you can – so you can spend more money inside!!

If you are in San Antonio and you want to go to CHEACT Conference – but you don’t want to spend the gas money to get to Austin – I am going and I’m offering to drive! I am extremely comfortable driving in and around Austin, I know exactly how to get to Palmer Auditorium, and … I don’t want to go alone!  SO – if anyone wants to carpool just drop a note here and we’ll make arrangements to meet up on the way out of town!  I am planning on grabbing dinner after the conference, there’s a wonderful place called Vinny’s Italian Ristorante that I was introduced to a few years ago by a fellow home schooler who was helping at the Cheact Conference and we hooked up for lunch – and so now it’s just tradition. Cheact. Then Vinny’s Italian Ristorante. My favorite place in Austin. 🙂

The Cheact Conference is really nice. It’s held in a REAL Convention Center complete with air conditioning (actually bring a sweater b/c sometimes it’s COLD in the conference rooms!), clean new restrooms and covered parking. Within walking distance of the convention center are several places to eat to fit any budget and Town Lake provides beautiful scenery.  There’s plenty of green grass surrounding the center for kids to go outside and run around on should they get fidgety inside the convention center. They usually bring in really  neat speakers to headline their conferences and every year it’s been someone different. AND the pre-registration fee is totally cheap. $10 for adults. $15 at the door. $35 max/family at the door. That is almost half the cost of the local book fair for …. let’s just say if you can get creme brulee for the price of jello – never pay the price of creme brulee for jello!

Now I will say that I don’t always go.  First, I don’t go to book fairs every year, just in general. I just don’t need to.  And then I might not like the headliner and am quietly boycotting the book fair. Or I might have other things going on. I have also been in stages of home schooling when book fairs were my adversary all together because they can be simply overwhelming. And then there was the deprogramming phase when I just didn’t want to hear one more person tell me how to effectively organize my home so I could home school and cook at the same time while wearing the required modest dress in order to be a good Godly wife and mother… So see…I’m just not a big book fair person in general. But this year I’m going because I need to replenish our consumable work books. And I want to go to Vinny’s and eat Italian food afterwards. 🙂