This year I have purposed to read as few “self help” books as possible. Non-fiction books are my favorite because they seem the most practical. But finding myself burnt out in almost every area of my life by the end of last year, I decided a change was due. I thought, instead of wasting all the time reading all the books that just annoy me – I was going to go back to reading fiction. Pure, unadulterated fiction. You can learn a lot about life from fiction, actually. And so I have been having a great time barrelling through books!

Today I finished reading, “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time” and then immediately started re-reading “The Lord of the Flies.” I read that back in high school but Gwendolyn referenced it the other day and Wendy picked it up at the Library on Thursday night and I thought, Oh yeah….that was a good book….why not!  And I’m about 2/3rds through and about to go to bed to finish up before I crash for the night.

And I learned something today that was exciting!  A few months ago the children and I went to the local book cellar – which is the basement of our Central Library – and stocked up on some new books to read aloud. For about $20 we came home with around 45 books!!  Seriously!  Anyway, one book I bought for the children was titled “Swallows and Amazons.” (You can read it for free here.)  I had never heard of it before, but I have somewhat perfected my ability to randomly pick up really good children’s literature just by reading the title or by thumbing through it a bit – so I grabbed it!  I was already planning on starting that book this next week as our afternoon read aloud with the children – but was really surprised and delighted to see that in “The Lord of the Flies”, one of the boys references the book, “Swallows and Amazons!”  I knew then that I had indeed picked up a great piece of literature! And one the boys would probably really enjoy none the less!  Finding good books to read aloud to boys can be a challenge – but I have found a lot of luck just digging through the old discarded books at the library book cellar. So – I am excited! On a geeky literature loving level.

That’s kind of off topic but it is somewhat related to my main point. I have started a book review blog for adults. There are a LOT of books out there to pick from and I blindly choose adult books. And I have been more shocked by some of the “award winning adult fiction” books that I have randomly chosen than by the sex-coms on TV!! The last book I picked up was highly praised as being a comedy. I was thinking along the same lines as one naturally might – you know – comedy = laughter. I got into the 2nd chapter and wanted to burn the book – it was so repellent. I personally don’t find inc*st funny – even if you are talking about the imaginary greek gods having s*x with their own cousin, Aphrodite. It’s just not appropriate. It was APALLING!!

So – while I may be pretty good at picking out the children’s books (although, as Stinky Sterns can attest, we’ve run across some really bad children’s books!!) – I definitely have to learn how to pick up the GOOD adult books!  And the only way to learn is through trial and error!!  LOL!!  The blog will be my journey sort of through this process of sorting the adult twaddle out of literature. But I’m also hoping the book blog will inspire some of you moms who are all wrapped up in your kids and husbands to set aside some time for you to just read a classic piece of literature, or a fun light-hearted story, or a classic, or a fresh current book from a new brilliant author! If you aren’t taking that time – you should!  It’s good for your brain – it’s good for your mood – it’s good for your spirit – it’s good for you and that means it’s good for your children and your husband!

You know – because I have a growing obsession with starting blogs for all sorts of reasons…..