Claire bought this with her birthday money from her Grangy and Paw-Paw! Claire and Hannah and I have had fun all morning building necklaces, bracelets and rings for each other!  I think this could turn into the new “legos” for girls!  We’ve tried the Clickits products before, but the girls were too young – their products are so small and hard for toddlers and preschoolers to manipulate- these beads though were the perfect size for Claire and Hannah, too.  I’m always looking for good girl toys that inspire creativity and learning but are fun and feminine – but don’t revolve around playing with dolls or cooking on their play stove….

I’ll have to take some photos later of the girls all dressed up in their duds! We bought this at Target and I think it was only $14.00 in the store. I don’t know what online pricing is. You can click on the picture there to go to the Parents Website for more information. But I just love that the beads pop together instead of having to mess with stringing the beads and all that ultimately entails! (Lots of my involvement!) This is something that the girls can do on their own!