You know – I’ve been blog-jogging tonight – and have run across a lot of really great Christian blogs on WordPress! I have to say – I’m impressed! I definitely don’t agree with everything on their sites – but then, when do I ever agree with anyone on everything? That would be out of character! Even God and I have our circular conversations where I try to reason with Him about stuff (ok – really those conversations are mostly me talking in circles around Him while He patiently waits for me to stop whining about something or someone – that’s probably a little more truthful….)

So I’m just going to list them here (and then I’ll put them in my sidebar tomorrow b/c tonight it’s late and I need to head to bed!!) by their blog titles – and then below by 2 specific links that I thought were really great! I hardly ever blog – jog. I usually stick to my OCD reading list, plus a few others that I won’t link to but you know who you are (sinister giggle), and then call it a day! But I got a little carried away with clicking on links here and there and everywhere – and look at what’s happened! I found something funny to share with you all!! If you read all the way to the end of this post there is a hilarious YouTube video that I think is a MUST SEE however, please accept my apologies in advance if it offends you….


Beauty and Depravity

Without Wax


And here are the posts that got me to their sites – they fall under Sexual Purity Topics, so you might want to be careful if there are young eyes in the room that could be reading over your shoulder…..

Is This ALL Men Think About **written by a guy – very funny and very good!

My Thoughts On Boobies **written by a girl – very funny and very good!!

And this video from the “Is this all men think about post” is SO funny I just had to put it on my blog too!!! ENJOY!!! WARNING: CLEAN ADULT HUMOR – BUT NOT FOR LITTLE EARS!!!!!