[Redate: April 20, 2008]

For my birthday present this year I asked if we could just take a little road trip to the coast. The last time we went to the coast Adri was 18 months old! He’s almost 11!! That’s just insane. Especially since we only live like 3 hours from the coast!

On Saturday the 19th we drove down to Port Aransas and enjoyed the Texas Sandfest Expo. We had a great afternoon on the beach and the sand sculptures are AMAZING. On Sunday we opted to drive out a little farther to Malaquite Beach which is part of Padre Island National Seashore – which is the “longest remaining undeveloped stretch of barrier island in the world!” Malaquite Beach is a federally protected natural habitat, which offers it’s visitors a beautiful beach to swim on and the chance to see many animals that one might not see on the more commercialized shores. While there we were informed that the sea turtles were in the process of laying eggs and we were to be careful should we stumble upon one of the great sea turtles coming or going! HOW COOL!

I really enjoyed Malaquite Beach. It was tranquil, secluded and very primitive. I am planning to take the kids back for a daytrip in early June right after they get out of school. We had planned to go to S. Padre Island for a week long vacation in late June, but after spending one afternoon at Malaquite Beach, I have no desire to spend $500+ on a hotel for a few nights of noisy, congested, dirty, tourist driven, commercialized beaches! Really, it was so secluded – we had only been on the beach for about an hour and it seemed as though time had stood still. I could have sworn we’d been there 4 or 5 hours! I am thinking of taking Royce there for just a day of laying on the sand, sleeping under the shade during the heat of the afternoon, and enjoying the mind-lulling roar of the ocean!

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April Coastline Weekend Jaunt!

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