My friend Gwendolyn has posted a fantastic blog about home schooling. She’s a home schooler who used to have her kids in public and then charter schools. And now she works from home and home educates. She’s amazing. She inspires me to greatness because she’s just. so. REAL. I love her. Here’s a snippet – and then go read for yourself!!

…I’d like to say the two things about homeschooling that I think we need to think about.

1. BE REAL. I am disappointed when other homeschool families aren’t real about their shortcomings……Children are people. People sin. Therefore, children sin. Homeschool children aren’t any different. Thinking that hs kids are above that just sets them up for failure.

2. KNOW YOUR LIMITATIONS. I am disappointed when people act as though homeschooling is the best option for everyone……It would be crazy to pressure myself into doing something that [could] cause me so much stress. Homeschooling is no different. I tell moms all the time that they can homeschool. I truly believe that any mother can. It doesn’t mean that they will or even that they should.
Go read the full 2 paragraphs. She makes some really good points!!