My lifestyle has gone through some major renovations over the past couple of years. With too many to list – even in the past 12 months – pulling the kids out of school last week presents a bit of a challenge now and now I have to make some major lifestyle renovations! And I’m just not sure I’m really all that excited about it.

You know, I’m really not that into home schooling like I used to be. There are  drawbacks to home education. There are things the children miss out on. There are just things that home schooling can’t provide, unless you have money and can afford to pay for all the extras….and then can afford to hire someone to cook and clean for you while you are busy running the kids all over town. It is really SO nice to just drop the kids off at 8am, pick them up at 3pm, and know that by the end of th week they’ve had a well-rounded education.

Towards the end of my home schooling adventure last year, before I put them in school, I was at the point where I felt like I was just juggling a bunch of responsibilities instead of raising my children. Does any understand what I mean???

I just see how much progress my children have made this year academically and I KNOW that we would not have made that kind of progress at home. I mean they have BLOSSOMED in school. I am amazed at all they have learned. I joke that this time around, home schooling will be so much easier because all of the school aged kids are reading and writing independently. (Even the 6yo is reading on a 2nd grade level now!) And then I compare them to their home schooled counterparts and think quietly to myself, “Well…if your child was in school they’d be able to…” do whatever it is the parent is complaining about their child being behind in.**See Editing Note Below I know one family where all the children are so far behind….it would take an act of God to get them caught up to grade level in just their reading skills alone. It’s not so much the children’s fault (though they could try a little harder I bet) but academics isn’t their mother’s primary focus – and the children suffer. And that scares me! Not for her – FOR ME!! I don’t want to be that mom – and I don’t want my kids to be that kind of home schooled child who can’t read or write!! I’d much rather just put them in school. I had a really good, strong, balanced public school education. I wish my kids could have the same opportunity.

So it’s not that the school didn’t do their job academically – the social atmosphere was just unacceptable.

I don’t think anyone understands how much SARAH is going to miss them going to school! LOL!!

Maybe we should move to a small town. Like – population 10. 🙂

The other problem with me and home schooling is that I am a project-abandoner. I like to start projects. Projects are SO MUCH FUN to get started. There’s the initial idea that is so exhilarating, then the planning where you get to make all kinds of fun decisions and then you get started and you are still very gung-ho about it all … and then…. you get to a certain point and go… UGH. I’m tired! Let’s take a break. And during the break you think of an entirely different project and the cycle starts all over again. If you’ve been to my house – you just have to pay attn. to how long the living room project has taken. I started it in March of 2007. I’m about 1/2 done now…..

HEY! I’m just being honest!!!! What other home schooling mom hasn’t felt the same way?!?! I know one – she and I just discussed this Saturday while shopping!! She wasn’t relating her issue so much to home schooling but she’s a project-abandoner too!

Well anyway, you know, that’s kinda what’s happened with me and home schooling. I took a break and found other projects to start…. LOL! I can’t even recall WHY I was home schooling in the first place. I think I need to spend some time in prayer about all this. I really need my Dad to give me some strong guidance on what to do. What does HE want us to do with all this?

So that’s where I’m at today – emotionally. What the heck am I gonna do with all these BLESSINGS UNDERFOOT!!!???!! lol! All I know is that I am definitely calling the OB/Gyn to schedule my Essure Appt. w/in the next couple of weeks!! LOL!!

Practically speaking I had a fantastic idea for a “Jurisdiction Chart” which I am going to do this week and when I’m finished I’ll photograph the completed project and put it up on the blog so you can see how smart and creative I am and then everyone can laugh along with me as I struggle to achieve 100% compliance amongst those Blessings Underfoot.

**Edited to say that I am not saying that ALL home educated children are behind their public schooled counterparts. I am only making a verbal reference to SOME of the families I’m in direct relationships with where the Moms complain about how far behind their children are in some subjects and I start to think, “Well…if they were in public school….”  It is not so much a statement about anyone other than ME….where I am in this process. My entire mode of thinking has changed so much this year. It’s a little bit weird. Scary. And … well…. just weird. I am in a weird place right now when it comes to the whole education issue. MY biggest apologies to anyone I’ve offended. Home schoolers generally do a great job. But, if everyone was honest, I bet you’d all admit that there are a few that make even other home schoolers cringe….  😉