This is generalized, mind you, but the solution to the problems with public schools came to me today.

The unruly children should be permanently expelled and the parents of those children should be forced to either home educate or provide a private education for those children. Public school should not be a fundamental right, but rather a privilege. The bad kids shouldn’t get to be there. The good kids should get to enjoy the WONDERFUL benefits and opportunities that public education could offer them if the bad kids weren’t there.

But, it seems to me anyway that it is quite the other way around. No one will actually DO anything about the bad kids and so the parents that can pull their good kids out and either home educate or fund the private schools. Mind you there are a LOT of good kids in public schools. But there are really bad kids in public schools, who are being raised by equally BAD parents, and it’s appalling what the school puts up with. I’ve thought about suing the school for failure to succeed in their obligation to provide a safe environment for my children. Thought about it – but I won’t. If I were in my 20’s I might … but I’m older and more tired now. LOL.

So anyway – enough philosophizing…here’s the scoop on why I pulled the kids out of school….

This past Tuesday was a seemingly peaceful day, but it all ended in a huge fiasco when Claire and I walked to school to pick up Hannah that afternoon. On the way we found, “F*ck Adri” spray painted on the corner of our street and our cross street – a very busy intersection where all the kids walk home from school. I had seen the graffiti a few days before but hadn’t paid any attention to it. We live in San Antonio. Kids are unruly. I knew someone would call it in and the city would come by and paint over it. But when I looked down at the curb and saw that it was Adri’s name – my heart dropped, my stomach turned into a knot, and I got REALLY MAD. I got F*cking MAD.

When I got to school I asked one of the other neighborhood boys if he knew about it and he very casually blurts out the whole story in front of teachers and students – using the expletive as if it’s just any other word. When I said, “Yeah ok…and you know you aren’t supposed to say that word.” He shrugged his shoulders and said, “Yeah alright.” I grabbed Hannah and Claire’s hands and walked immediately to the Principal’s office. On the way I ran into the little boy who had been named the perpetrator of said crime. A 5th grader who hates Adri….and I confronted him in front of everyone and told him he had 1 chance to talk to the principal before I did. He said he didn’t know anything about any spray paint. That right there was a huge lie b/c even if he didn’t do it – he knew something about it because all the kids who live up the street play together all the time and they talk. They talk a lot. And they are always in trouble. Especially this particular child.

I then went to the Principal’s office and let him know exactly what I thought about the children at the school. This, after spending a LOT of time and energy dealing with him and Ean’s 2nd grade teacher in helping Ean navigate the murky waters of the 2nd grade in which Ean has been cussed out, flipped off, made fun of, lied to, gossiped about, teased, taunted, called names and humiliated on a regular basis, was the straw that broke the camel’s back really. I told him that my children would not be returning to school. That the environment was not conducive to their character development and I was now concerned for their safety. He did not dare to argue. I stated that I can teach them to do math later, but if their soul was lost to the world…it would take a miracle to recover it. And why risk it if I was able to do something about it?? He was very sympathetic, almost started crying with me, and said he understood and was very supportive. I have to say – for what it is worth – I think that the school teachers and the principal are actually amazing. They just have their hands tied for what they can do with the children.

Now – about this child – this particular child has already killed a neighborhood cat. With his pellet gun. Because he wanted to. He shot down all the oranges off his neighbors tree. His elderly widower neighbor. With his pellet gun. Because he wanted to. He got into a fist fight with Adri. He gave Ean a black eye. He got the other two boys up the street into a fight. He’s a neighborhood bully and a delinquent child and his parents excuse for their son? “Oh he’s just a kid – we all did stupid things as kids.” To which I replied, “Excuse me?? Sir, I never killed an animal just for fun, vandalized property or beat up children. Please have your child stay away from our children and we will do the same.” I reported the cat killing to the principal who reported it to the police….and a week or two later Adri’s name is spray painted on the curb?  Yeah I’m pretty sure it wasn’t random.

Oh it gets worse. but to make a long story short, after getting home and getting my camera, going back up the street and taking photos of the “crime scene” – when I was walking home I was confronted by this child’s mother and someone I presumed to be his aunt. They actually got onto my property, blocked my front door and would not allow me to enter my home, and in the end – I had a strong case for filing a physical assault charge against the mother had I really pushed the issue. Instead I filed a neighborhood disturbance case against her and her entire family has been instructed to stay away from me/my house/my children. Now you know why the child is so unruly. Just look at how his parents behave.

I ended up screaming in her face for her to get off my porch and away from my house and out of my way and you should have seen the look on her face change when she thought I was about to go ballistic on her. I could have beat the crap out of her. Truly. I could feel it in me. I had so much adrenaline pumping. I had to take a Xanax before the cops got to our house just to calm my nerves because I was shaking all over. Then I had to take another one to go to bed. Usually one knocks me out for the entire night! LOL!

So that was how my Tuesday evening went. How was yours?

The children stayed home the rest of the week. On Wednesday I contacted HSLDA and had them draft my letter of withdrawal which I then turned in Thursday and also sent via certified mail Thursday to ensure that they could not say they “didn’t receive notice of withdrawal.” The school called Thursday to verify the date of withdrawal and did not give me any trouble. And viola. We’re back to the drawing board.

More later. Just thinking about having to home school again is causing a rise in blood pressure and the beginnings of a panic attack is setting in… LOL. Where’s that Xanax…. hahahaha