Whatever it is, is exactly what I want to do.

Oh. I know the word I’m looking for.


I want to pout.

Want to?

Oh please!!!

I am in serious denial.

I AM pouting.


It doesn’t really make life better.

It doesn’t really make the problems disappear.

It doesn’t really make ME feel better.

Actually it probably makes everything worse.

But I don’t know how to pull myself out of this funk.

I ran today. I ate junk food today. I went shopping today. I vented on the phone today. I cried today. I watched stupid TV today (ok well that was while I was running but still).

But all I could really do was pout and feel sorry for myself regarding the sum of my life as it is TODAY as seen through this particular set of sunglasses.

Perhaps I need to take the sunglasses off and just look for the Son?

Yes, that will help.

Tomorrow the “sum of my life as it will be tomorrow” might look better than it does at this moment.

But isn’t that the beauty of a pout??

Tonight though, as much as I want to sit and pout – I’m being dragged down town to the CLOGGING FESTIVAL. Wouldn’t you know it?  What else can make a depressed person feel better than to go downtown San Antonio and watch people clog away the night. WHOO HOO!!

(Thanks Mom. You know I love you.)

I really don’t know why I wrote that all in 1 liners mostly.