Redate As 4/10/2008

Ok. She hasn’t even SEEN Mary Poppins. At least not that I’m aware of…oh wait….yes she has…way back in December!!!

Claire came strolling in the kitchen today and I said, “OH! Claire!!” To which she casually and cheerfully replied, “What?? I’m Mary Poppins!!” Notice the rosy red cheeks…and collar bone…and the powder on her dress…

I tried to remain stone-faced so that I could get onto her … again … about getting into my makeup. (Even though I purposefully keep a set of powder and blush that she knows I keep only so I have something that she can “play dress up” in.) But the point is that she isn’t SUPPOSED to get into the makeup without me by her side!!!

Naturally we headed straight for the bathroom for an immediate cleanup – except that this beauty queen needed a whole makeover. Here’s my little sweetie pie after her shower looking oh so sweet and innocent! She said this was her “Rose Hat” and that she looked like a “Beautiful Rose Flower”. She has quite an imagination!!

And finally – after the towel came off…. here’s what kind of mayhem is lying beneath the surface!!! BUYER BEWARE!!! Moral of the story – even the most beautiful rose has thorns. HAHAHAHA Just kidding, Claire. You know I love you and your crazy hair. When she saw this photo she said she looked like a tornado. NO JOKE! She’s a mess!