Ok I finally got through all the photos from the 2008_0421 file on my computer.

Now I just have to get caught up on the other 5 files that contain 587 photos for me to sort through, crop down, upload and blog about!! TOMORROW IS GOING TO BE FUN!!

I didn’t spend all day today blogging. I actually also cleaned the kitchen, cooked dinner, went out and bought Ean new shoes, went to the grocery store, went to the mall, cleaned the boys room (that was a huge project), dropped off 7 bags of clutter at Goodwill this morning … the product of yesterday’s dual closet decluttering process in my bedroom… so, I did a lot more than just blog today! But it’s time for bed.

I wouldn’t have stayed up this late except that I know I am not going to be able to go to church tomorrow because Hannah is still recovering from pneumonia and I don’t want her exposed to a bunch of children/people – and since I’m a single parent on Sunday mornings, that means I have to stay home too. Yes, sure, they have church online – but it’s not the same. I know. It’s only for a season – one day my children will be grown and gone and I will have all the uninterrupted Sundays I can imagine for church going…but that’s not the season I’m in so I don’t really care about THAT one RIGHT NOW.


So. I stayed up late, blogging, and now I’m going to bed. I sure wish there was something on TV to watch though. Because, honestly, after all this mind-jogging – writing about past events (yes, even though they were only a week ago!!) – I’m really kind of wired!!!!

Where’d I put that Xanax …. LOL!!