Redate 4/5/08

I love the girls new swimsuits!! I found them at Kohl’s. I was pleasantly surprised to have found them at Kohl’s! I am thinking about ordering another set of them one size up for next year because they fit the girls so well and I just love them!! They are sporty, cute, modern – but the girls are still covered. Tummy’s are hidden, bottoms are hidden, and the backs even come up right underneath the shoulder blades. I love them! The skirt really makes them cute and girly but still fun and sporty. The girls love their “twirly skirts” too.

If I hadn’t found these I would have been content to just let them wear regular one piece swimsuits without a skirt or shorts attached. Really – it’s not a big deal to me. But finding them with a skirt was just icing on the cake! And this skirt is not attached – so they can take it off if they want to.