Redate: 4/12/08

Saturday morning Royce and I laid in bed talking until 11:45am. At which point we decided we should probably join the children for the rest of the day. So we got up and got going – and I realized what a gorgeous day it was outside, and decided – we were going to go kite flying. We didn’t have anything else to do – so, why not? It was perfectly sunny, perfectly windy, perfectly warm, perfectly cool and perfectly delightful – a perfect day for flying kites.

And I actually remembered to bring the camera along! Will wonders never cease!!

Claire found the flower that is in her hair and gave it to me, and I convinced her that SHE needed to wear it since SHE was the princess. She giggled and willingly obliged.

Ean with his kite in the air! He was one of the first kids to get his kite up and it really stayed up the entire time. In the other photos below of me and Royce – we are actually flying Ean’s kite – he just passed us the kite string! LOL!

A little farther back – he really had the kite pretty high – this was while it was “on the way up” – I like that Ean’s kneeling in the grass. Mr. McCool.

Um….Adri….you really need to be aiming in the other direction, entirely!! (Just kidding, he was waiting on one of us to help him throw his kite up in the air!)

Claire Bug (trying to) fly her kite and having fun anyway. Notice the placement of the hairclips and flower compared to the first photo in this post….

Hannah Banana just rollin’ with it. She was a natural kite flyer. Even if she only lasted about 15 minutes and then corralled Claire and ran off into the long-jump sandbox for some real fun. (We were at the local high school track.)

Here I am, in the full lay back. Flying the kite, laying down on the football field. This is so much fun to do. I was thinking if I had had my swimsuit on, I could have really had accomplished some useless, but fun, multitasking.

When Royce saw how much fun I was having, he insisted on trying it! No. Not really. I made him try it. He was quite content with just living vicariously through my laziness.

The day was fun. We stayed out there for about an hour and then went to get lunch. I really want to go to the kite store and buy a really cool kite. I think that would be fun to do with the boys. Maybe a box kite. I’ve always wanted to fly one!