I just read briefly about this woman on Wikipedia. Which I know is not a reliable source – or rather, the Professional Community At Large does not consider it a reliable source of accurate information. But they didn’t seem to have anything inflammatory or outrageous to say about Dr. von Hildebrand, just the facts, ma’am.

There is one book from her I think I will check out and read, titled: The Privilege of Being a Woman (Veritas Press, 2002). My only concern is the publisher – Veritas Press. I don’t care for many of the other authors I know to be connected to their publishing house. But if I can give ol’ Sue Monk Crazy a shot, I can give Dr. von Hildebrand, no??

Here is an interview with Dr. von Hildebrand that is pretty interesting. I’ll leave it at that. I’m not a catholic, nor am I in anyway inclined to have any more sentimentality for their religion than I am for the lutherans or latter-day saints or jehovah’s witnesses or the baptists or the methodists or the whateverists. I realize that sentence there could inflame some readers but, you know, I try to be at least consistent in that I think ALL religions are fallible. Faith in Christ, however, is not.

Anyway. I have a ton of stuff to do today and I realized, I have blogged A LOT in April. Almost to the point of appearing to have a compulsive disorder. And yet, I still have no photos of my family up here on this family-integrated blog (having since effectively shut down the Walston Family site). Shame shame shame. I know there are family members patiently waiting for me to stop ranting about social issues and start sharing about family fun!  I will make a point to do that!