I made an attempt a few weeks ago to take Claire to our neighborhood library’s “Preschool Story Time.” We got there a little late, and so we sat at the back of the room in the chairs along the wall. The children were playing with rhythm instruments and singing a song when we arrived. Claire brought Duck with her (a little white stuffed goose actually) and it was perfect because that day, guess what the stories were ALL about? Geese! So I thought it would be great! I was all excited. Claire was going to have a great time, we’d listen to some stories, do a craft, and maybe talk with some other little kids….

Boy was my bubble busted!!

Remember the rhythm instruments I spoke of a minute ago? The children weren’t actually doing anything with them except making a lot of racket! And the parents! Oh they were the worst! I have been to a LOT of library story times and I have to say – I have never experienced anything quite as obnoxious as this outing! The children were allowed to actually go up to the Librarian – while she was reading the book – and try to turn the pages. The children were allowed to roam around the room and be distracting and noisy. They were allowed to run in and out of the room screaming, “I’m going to get WATER!!!” while the Dad just rolled his eyes and sighed – expecting some of us to actually give him sympathy I think. I looked to check on Claire – and she was curled up in my lap, in a ball with her hands on her ears – it was so freaking noisy in there. We couldn’t even really hear or enjoy the book being read. I asked her if she would like to go to the book section and read books by ourselves. She eagerly said, “YES!” So we got up and walked straight out of there.

And, not like this could be unexpected, but I had totally forgotten what diapers smelt like! Our house has been Pampers free for months now. The room smelt stuffy to me. I couldn’t figure out what smelt so weird. Then I realized – most of the children were in diapers!


I think the next time we go to the library story time we will pick a different library. I sure miss Austin’s Library Story Times! They had the best program ever. They had puppet shoes, and musicians and little one act plays and ballet performances during story time – and always music. I really miss living in Austin.