Hannah has been home all week from school; and while we’ve certainly enjoyed the extra time with her, it’s been bittersweet because she’s been ill.

Last night, after listening to her cough from 11pm-2am, and having not responded to any home treatment (steam bath, nebulizer treatment, etc) I decided to take her into the E.R. She was breathing really weird and complaining of chest pains. I thought we should probably go on in. Turns out she has pneumonia. I’m so glad we went in. Even if it was two o’clock in the morning. We are going to see our regular family Dr. tomorrow for a follow up.

She had a really uneventful day – just rested and played quietly then would rest some more. Which is good really. But that means that I also had a really uneventful day. We didn’t get home from the ER until 5am. We stopped at CVS on the way home to get the medicine we needed so I wouldn’t have to worry about getting up in the morning, and I’m glad we did that, because I do not at all remember Royce and the boys getting up and leaving the house. Claire woke me up around 8:30 to ask if I’d turn the TV on for her, and so I did – the one in my room, and just pulled her into bed with me. We snuggled until about 10am, when Hannah finally woke up. I was glad she slept so late.

It was such a long morning!! LOL!!

I did notice something today that I wanted to blog about.

I was really tired. Not just the “I didn’t get enough sleep tired” but – really just exhausted. And so, I found myself eating – all day long. Mind you, I was never actually at any point in the day today, hungry. But I sure found myself staring into our empty refrigerator on more than 10 occasions. LOL! And really, it’s really amazing what you can find in your pantry to eat when you think you don’t have any food left in the house!! I had completely forgotten that cream cheese spread on Ritz crackers is SOOO yummy!! Actually. It isn’t. But it felt good to eat something. I think I was/am so tired that eating felt productive???

And so tonight – I’m really way overtired and have that “I ate too much all day bloated” feeling and just want to climb in bed and go to sleep.

And start over tomorrow.

And so I will.