From Yahoo News:

Susan Hays, an attorney for a toddler in state custody, said many of the fathers are reluctant and some may have left the state, fearing that the tests are really designed to help prosecutors make criminal abuse cases.

My motto is – you only run off and hide if you have something to hide. REAL men – REAL FATHERS – who would have nothing to hide, and who might believe their children have been “taken hostage by the State” would not flee the State and run off and hide like cowards (like criminal abusers.) They would stand up – before God and this country – and FIGHT for those children.

And so who is left to pick up the pieces – the wives. And while I hold the wives 100% accountable for the position they have put their children in – there is an element of truth to the fact that the women, too, were abused and brainwashed and doing only what their oppressors told them was “godly.”  But that’s how ungodly, unhealthy men deal with their lives – they come into the lives of women, make huge messes, and then leave the women to clean up their crap.  They’ve probably convinced the “wives” that leaving is their only way of protecting. It is clearly SO backwards and wrong to those of us who are on the outside – but I can totally understand how those women would embrace their “husbands” leading and follow along like puppy dogs – incapable of thinking for themselves. They’ve been abused too.

It’s a shame some of the mother’s won’t do the right thing for their children and leave the cult as well. If they are so worried about the children being in the custody of the state – why aren’t the mothers banging at the state’s door, begging, pleading, to let the mothers go WITH their children. I would bet that there might be a few sympathetic ears. However, it seems to me that their REAL concern for their children is shown by the fact that they are at the compound and the FLDS children are moving into Foster Homes now.

From the same article:

CPS said in its placement plan — attached to Walther’s order — that it will try to place mothers under 18 with their children and to keep sibling groups together. Some of the families may have dozens of siblings.

Boys ages 8 and older will likely be placed in a setting similar to that where dozens of teen boys were taken last week, a Boys Ranch near Amarillo in the Texas Panhandle some 250 miles from Eldorado.

What a horrible position these parents have put these children in. And the State in. What an atrocity.