Perhaps one shouldn’t promise another anything until AFTER the promise has already been fulfilled. Hee hee…

Yeah. It’s 10pm and I’m going to bed. I could have blogged photos today but instead I:

  • Worked through all the Gr. III Cecchetti Material and practiced played around in my pointe shoes. That took up about 2 hours all together. I had 2 little girls dancing with me some of the time. That was fun.
  • Caring for Hannah who was home sick today with a low grade fever and cough. Which means she’ll be home tomorrow. Which is fine. We are going to the movies and we’ll have a great day.
  • “Doing School Work” with Claire and Hannah at the little table. They needed SOMETHING to do in between the times Hannah was sleeping and awake.
  • Taking care of a load of administrative duties pertaining to health insurance (just LOVE our new health insurance plan!!!) Actually the insurance is great. It’s a certain someone who billed, oh, 20+ claims incorrectly and has messed up our entire year’s worth of deductibles, our heath reimbursement account, flexible spending disbursements, co-insurance and co-payments. And all claims since last October have to be refiled. Yeah. It’s been a fun day. Actually I’ve been working on that issue all month. So much fun to have someone else – the professional – mess up your life – and then YOU have to clean up their mess…and they don’t even offer an apology!! Oh well. It’s only money… and time. Both of which are scarce these days.
  • Discussed a possible job offer with the local KinderDance franchise. We spent 45 minutes on the phone and I think it may just work out. I am not sure how it will all play out in the end – but even if I just teach 2 or 3 classes a week – the experience will be worth it.
  • Spent time discussing with Royce my lack of motivation for working in a restaurant again and we decided that I would put that on hold for now. Even though it’s good money and GREAT exercise!!! So is teaching ballet and training for a 5k. LOL!!
  • Spent the rest of the evening looking through the photos from Port Aransas. I would have blogged them by now, but SOMEONE forgot to put the camera on “program mode” and so all the photos we took all weekend (all 168 of them) are in .RAW format and have to be resaved to .jpg’s so that I can upload them to WordPress. I couldn’t really explain what that means to anyone but Royce could. He’s the family photographer. OOPS!ย  I guess I just gave away who that “someone” was.

Seeminglyย  I have spent all day long cleaning up other people’s messes. Hannah’s. Claire’s. Insurance Lady’s. And Royce’s. Not that I mind. But it just didn’t leave time for blogging. The ballet workout was not a mess. I’ve nearly perfected Gr. III. ๐Ÿ™‚ If this was a student exam I’d be very confident going in. Now I just have to start breaking down the steps and memorizing the theory.

And now I’m going to bed. To read. I’m reading The Heart of a Woman by Maya Angelou. It’s pretty good. I like it. MUCH better than “The Dance of the Dissident Daughter” which, by the way, I could NOT stomach and did not even get through the 2nd chapter before it went back to the library. Oh what a wretched book!! It was your classic feminist theology – circular reasoning that ended up reading something like this: “All women must search within themselves to find the divine feminine – but if the woman searches and she finds her divine feminine has any reflection of masculinity – of any kind – then she is still entrenched in the patriarichal archetype mentality that has pervaded society for eons – and so if a woman searches and finds that this is her own realm of womanhood – she clearly hasn’t searched long/hard/deep enough.”ย  In other words – if a woman doesn’t defect from all forms of feminist perceived patriarchy, then the woman is still less than a woman in the feminists eyes. Isn’t that just….ludicrous thinking?? Honestly! What about the right for each woman to develop spiritually as God sees fit? I have enough respect for Sue Monk Kidd, as both a woman and a child of God to say, “Ok fine – go find your divine feminine and enjoy her – God knows what He’s doing with you.” But I am not going to say that ALL women MUST find the same “spiritual freedom” (using that terminology loosely here, ok?) as Sue Monk Kidd has claimed to have found or else they are still in bondage. Because that is just still – hypocritical! But that is the root of feminism though isn’t it – or rather – that is the FRUIT of feminism….hypocrisy. Unless you are very very careful. Anyway…. I plan to blog about it some more later on.

Time for bed!ย  I have a busy day tomorrow so I doubt I’ll get photos up until late Weds. night!